Obesity is a disease, not a shortcoming.

Jun 5, 2021

Obesity is a disease, not a shortcoming. - Latitude Clinic

Author: Vanessa Hamalian APRN

There are hundreds if not thousands of different dieting options available. Clearly, some plans work for some people and not for others.

The weight loss medication that Latitude Family Clinic offers is compounded by a pharmacist in Venice, Florida. The benefit of using the compounded medication is reducing cravings and reducing appetite. It is most effective for people who know what a healthy diet is and know what an appropriate portion size is, the medication makes it easier to do what you know you should be doing by reducing appetite and cravings.

It is not an effective diet medication for someone that has no concept of what a healthy diet is or for someone that has no interest in reducing their caloric intake. Basically, the compounded capsule makes it easier for a person to do what they know they should do as far as food choices and calories per day.

The benefit of the compound is that the formula can be customized to each person, if there are any side affects the doses can be reduced or a component removed to reduce or eliminate the side affect. Components can also be increased if a person needs that.

The medications that are included are all FDA approved and commonly used in Primary Care, some for weight loss, some for other things like headaches, diabetes and addiction. The doses used in the compound are much smaller than the FDA approved doses and subsequently, the side affects tend to be less as well. All the medications used have the benefit of either appetite suppression or weight loss, in combination, they seem to be more effective than any one of them alone.

The compounded weight loss drug reduces cravings and reduces appetite, which in turn makes, for example, a 1200 cal/day diet, or whatever is appropriate for you, an attainable goal for the long term.

Of course, exercise is always encouraged, often people tend to be more motivated to exercise as the weight starts to come off and so the ball starts rolling, medication assisted weight loss leads to more motivation to exercise as people start to feel better which leads to continued and sustainable weight loss.

Using the compounded weight loss drug is treating obesity the same way that we treat many other chronic disease, with long term medication management. This is not a short program and one should expect to continue treatment until the weight goals are met and beyond. As a persons’ weight stabilizes at the new normal weight, we can start to slowly reduce and eliminate components of the compound. Some people are able to keep the weight off with new lifestyle habits that they adopt, others need to continue medication to continue to control cravings and appetite.

No two people are the same, the compounded weight loss drug allows us to use medication to treat cravings and appetite in a customizable way for each individual person.

The medication is started on the first visit after screening tools are completed for safety, a follow up visit is done one week later to address any side affects should they arise. Monthly visits are utilized once treatment is underway. Our goal for weight loss is between 0.5 and 2 pounds a week.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss further, please give us a call at (941)235-3520 or book online at www.latitudeclinic.com