Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to provide our patients with the information they need to better understand and manage their own health. Below are some frequently asked questions. If we haven’t covered everything, feel free to get in touch and we will happily answer your inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions at Latitude Clinic LLC modified

Can I get a same-day appointment?

Same day appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis. We understand how important prompt care is and promise to make our best effort to provide efficient care. On the rare occasion that all are same day openings are filled, we will get you taken care of the next day.

May someone come with me to my appointment?

You are welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointments, both in person and virtual.

Will my insurance pay for labs or referrals made by Latitude Clinic?

Most insurance policies will cover orders for labs, tests and specialist visits made by a an out-of-network provider. Medicaid will NOT accept orders or referrals from a non-medicaid provider (we are not a medicaid provider). Please check with your insurance company to fully understand your policy and any limitations it may have.

Do you offer financing options?

We do not offer financing but rather focus on keeping our prices low by reducing overhead and redundancy. We accept debit and credit cards as well as cash and personal check. Payment is required at the time of the visit or prior to the visit.

Why is having a Primary Care Provider important?

We will help you maintain your best quality of life by treating acute illnesses in a timely manner as well as helping you identify and manage long term health goals. We will assist you in managing chronic health conditions like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and High Cholesterol.

Do you accept walk-ins?

If we have an appointment open we are happy to see you immediately in our Sarasota location only, however, we ask that you check our schedule or call and make an appointment because we know your time is valuable and sitting in our waiting room is not our goal for you. We welcome last minute appointments, you can book an appointment 1 minute prior to the visit time.

Can I make an appointment for a child?

The Sarasota location accepts from birth onward, the Brevard location accepts from age 7 and up.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

We do not accept insurance because we value your privacy and your right to choose your own medical care. We understand that involving a third party payer translates into loss of both of these important aspects of healthcare. We are happy to provide you with a Super-Bill which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Whether the payment will be applied towards your deductible or out of pocket maximum will depend on your insurance plan. Superbills cannot be provided to those with Medicare or Medicaid.

What is the cancelation policy?

If you are unable to keep your appointment please cancel it as soon as you can to allow someone else access to that time slot. There is a $50 fee for cancelations less than 24 hours prior to the appointment time and for No-Shows.

Will my Primary Care Provider care for me if I am hospitalized?

If you are admitted to the hospital your care will be managed by a highly trained and specialized group of physicians called Hospitalists. We will forward any records that are requested. Please make an appointment upon discharge to review your treatment plan and answer any questions you may have.