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Our Brevard location is open for virtual visits with Sonya Merritt, Family Nurse Practioner, for ages 7 and up. The physical location for Brevard County is coming in the future!

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Standard Visit at Latitude Clinic, LLC.

Primary Care: Virtual Visits

We provide comprehensive virtual primary care for the family, in our Brevard Location, from age 7 through adulthood. This includes routine screening, chronic disease management, and the treatment of minor illnesses, within the parameters of what can safely be done virtually. Removing insurance from the primary care office allows us to make your interests and your concerns the focus of our attention.


We follow the protocols recommended by the FLCCC Alliance. Please review the I-Mask+ Protocol. These visits are limited to individuals over the age of 18 and who are physically located in or residents of the state of Florida.

If oxygen is ordered during the visit then there will be an additional $90 fee for the visit. This is because of the extensive coordination that is required with the oxygen orders.

Preventive Treatment for Covid-19 at Latitude Clinic, LLC
Standard Visit at Latitude Clinic, LLC.


Alcohol Use Disorder, or AUD has treatment options, resuming a normal life is possible for many people with a medication called naltrexone, AA is not the only option.  Watch an overview of TSM. Here is additional information and support. The Sinclair Method has been in used in Europe for many years and has been met with tremendous success in treating Alcohol Use Disorder. The success rate for TSM, or The Sinclair method is around 70-80% which stands in stark contrast to the much poorer long term success rates of AA and abstinence. Appointments for TSM may be in-person visit or virtual visit for anyone residing in the State of Florida. For those living in other states or countries, you can find a provider for your region here


Research into the effects of LDN began in the 1980s by Dr. Ian Zagon and Dr. Patricia McLachlan at Penn State. Dr. Bernard Bihari, in New York was the pioneer of using LDN in clinical practice. We are happy to discuss whether LDN may be something you should try. You may learn more about LDN here.

Preventive Treatment for Covid-19 at Latitude Clinic, LLC