Vanessa Hamalian APRN

A commitment to providing high quality healthcare while respecting your preferences and beliefs is the foundation of my practice at Latitude Family Clinic. I am a firm believer in the fact that people are capable of making decisions for themselves when provided with accurate information and thoughtful guidance. 

I am an Autonomous Family Nurse Practitioner, License Number APRN9272277, certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, F0113073. I graduated from the University of South Florida with a Master of Science in 2012.

Previously, I worked as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit and specialized in diabetes and wound care at Sarasota Memorial Hospital after completing my AA and AS at the State College of Florida in 2008. I started my career in healthcare in 2004 as a Licensed Practical Nurse after graduating from the Sarasota County Technical Institute. 

From my earliest memory, my dream has been to become a doctor. Being the oldest of 8 children and growing up in a very rural setting, educated to the 8th grade, I was not provided with an easy path toward this ambition. Instead, I found myself calculating how I could work my way through school to be able to work in the field I am passionate about.

The skill of listening is the most important tool I continuously strive to cultivate. This is most essential to be able to provide accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment plans. I hold a strong belief that the quality of care improves dramatically when there is a strong relationship, built on respect between the patient and healthcare provider. 

My promise to you: I will listen and work with you to help you find the best possible health outcome for you, always recognizing, your inherent right to make your own medical decisions.